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Welcome to our new Blog about Valdera!

Have you ever heard about this place? Do you know where is it?

Well, read here below and you will get many interesting information about this beautiful area of Tuscany!

Valdera, or as the word says the “Valley of Era” , is a marvellous area situated on the southeast of Pisa (not far from the legendary Etruscan town of VolterraFlorence and Siena),and takes its name from the river that crosses it : the river Era.

The hills, the forests of chestnut trees, vineyards and olive groves, and picturesque medieval villages offer visitors a context of high art and culture.
The thermal baths of Casciana, the coastal towns and small villages  as CapannoliChianniLajatico, PalaiaPeccioliTerricciola, that still preserve their medieval traditions and their cultural peculiarity, are easily reachable.

But here it’s the landscape that particularly affects: the typical Tuscan farmhouses, with their gray and ocher, often accompanied by the characteristic double row of cypress trees, lie on the ridges of hills interspersed with carefully cultivated and natural habitats rich in wildlife, green pine trees and woods that with the changing of the seasons characterize the landscape with suggestive effects.

The area is really various, and nature lovers can discover fun activities such as trekking, horse ridingcycling, Vespa or Quad excursions on scenic roads that wind through the farms and through small villages set among cherry trees, vineyards and olive trees and villages rich in history, to discover ancient churches …..

To all this you add the pleasure of staying at the many farm houses that offer a warm hospitality, friendliness and good food, which is not bad, isn’it?

So there’s a series of very good reasons to come and visit Valdera:

- It is mostly undescovered by mass tourism and so it is very authentic and populated by Tuscans

- It is full of excellent specialties like delicious wine, unique extra virgin olive oil, unbeatable truffles, rich pecorino cheese and last but not least top quality chocolate

- Its small villages and hamlets are extremely peaceful and never crowded

- Major towns like Pisa, Lucca and Florence are extremely easy to reach in less than 1 hour

So, what are you waiting to visit us?

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One thought on “About Valdera

  1. When travelling in the Valdera region one has got in a distance of few kms the classical Tuscan hills with vineyards, cypresses, stone houses and olive trees (like in the worldwide known postcards of Tuscany), but also lively villages and small towns where local authentic people live and work and interact with tourists even if many of them cannot speak a word of English! Even the restaurants that are available in Valdera are not made for tourists. Local people go there and, as Italians = food lovers, they want to have a quality meal! it’s like being immersed in the Tuscan lifestyle for a few days and becoming part of the community for the duration of your holiday.

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