Mauro Staccioli frames Volterra

Mauro Staccioli is an Italian artist who was born in Volterra in 1937. Although during his life Staccioli moved from his native town to Milan and had many of his major artistic experiences far from his home (in Italy but also in Germany, UK, US, Israel, South Korea, France, …), he will often come back to his town, whose native, fascinating environment will continue to influence his work and his creative imagination.  Continue reading

Benozzo Gozzoli in Legoli



After the conquest of Pisa by the Florentines in 1406, the city, once cradle of medieval arts, saw many of its artists on the wane, replaced by the artists coming from Florence, the new master of the area.

Benozzo Gozzoli was born in Lese but he moved to Florence when he was still a child, and he spent the early part of his career as a pupil and assistant of Fra Angelico, better known as the Beato Angelico (the Blessed Angelic) for the elegance of his painting.

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Theatre of Silence 2014 : Andrea Bocelli will wait for you!

After the great success achieved in the past eight years, with over 150,000 spectators , Andrea Bocelli presents the ninth edition of the Teatro del Silenzio that , for 2014 , doubles events . The beautiful scenery of Lajatico -the singer’s birthplace- will host for the first time not a single event but two dates with Andrea Bocelli will perform on July 20th, while Ennio Morricone will be featured in the concert of 22 July .
Honorary President of the Teatro del Silenzio , Andrea Bocelli has designed a unique place to bring his world of music and emotions.
The spectacular natural basin of Upper Era Valley since 2006 has welcomed artists such as Laura Pausini the first magnitude , Noa , Lang Lang, Nicola Piovani , Placido Domingo , Toquinho , Zucchero, Elisa , Jose’ Carreras and Katherine Jenkins. Not only music, but also the stage to dance and the visual arts : on the stage of the Teatro del Silenzio performed , in fact, as the dancers etoile Roberto Bolle and Eleanora Abbagnato , and every year they have dedicated their work to the shows artists which Igor Mitoraj , Arnaldo Pomodoro, Marco Ceroli , Hans Peter Ditzler , Kurt Laurenz Metzler , Venio Santoni and Joseph Card .The whole structure of the theater is set up specifically for the event and disallestita immediately after the last show ,so as to return the hill to its natural path and then to a new season dedicated to the cultivation of wheat. The stage is completely without coverage, challenge each year the weather conditions , thus allowing perfect integration into the landscape circostante.Il Teatro del Silenzio comes to life in the peace of the picturesque hills of Lajatico , a small jewel in the hinterland of Volterra , which for the 364 days ‘ year remains intact in its harmony and for a day - this year for two - is animated by a different life where the protagonists are music , dance and art.

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Theatre of Silence, 2013 : Andrea still enchants!



….The spotlight is off, the stage and the bleachers of the Teatro Del Silenzio were disassembled, the stars have left Lajatico and the natural amphitheater dell’Uccelliera is coming back to dominate the Silence, broken only by the singing of cicadas. And so, this edition of the Teatro del Silenzio, the eighth, ended with a great success by counting over ten thousand visitors in one night, those nights you wish would never end. Our Andrea Bocelli has enchanted once again with his beautiful voice and his style is truly the voice of God? Then how not to mention the extraordinary Riccardo Cocciante, who with his songs brings chills to generations, or the majesty of Giorgio Albertazzi, who with his voice seemed one with the wonderful nature of the place. Lajatico slowly returns to normal, that normality that sees Andrea Bocelli walking the streets and greet his neighbors and friends forever.
This is also Lajatico, a unique place!

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A walk back in time- Guided Walking Tour of Peccioli


After the success of last year, the guided tour of the Village of Peccioli is back again.

From next May 21st and until October 15th, Peccioli waits for you every Tuesday (the day of the weekly market) for a free guided tour of the village: a pleasant walk in the village with stops at the panoramic places and at all places of historical and cultural interest.The focus of the tour is to show the daily life, the uses and the customs of the local community, while enjoying the simple and rural beauty of the village. The tour includes a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Peccioli, a charming exhibition in a historical cellar of the town with Etruscan findings from the Temple of Ortaglia, just outside Peccioli.

The guided walking tour is free of charge.

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