The Festival of Cherry in Lari

If you like cherries, you can’t miss this Festival !

This is one of the oldest Festival n Tuscany, and usually takes place in Lari between the last week of May and the first weekend of June.

In the historical center are organized many artistic and cultural events, but the real star is, of course, the cherry !.

In the main square are set up market stalls and local producers not only provide baskets of fresh cherries, but also products such as jams and liqueurs, which are obtained from this red sweet fruit .
All combined with great food, musical entertainment and night markets.

The peculiarities of the soil and climate of the Pisan hills form the basis for this variety of fruit, unique in its kind.

The cherry cultivation in Lari has a secular tradition:

think that in this romantic village are grown even 19 different kinds of cherries!

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