The Grape of Valdera


The Valdera region  is characterized by intense agricultural activity including the production of a particular wine: St. Torpè DOC , a white pisan white wine made ​​with the Trebbiano grape which is also used to produce the famous Vin Santo.

The name “San Torpè ” refers to a Pisan martyr whose body was given to the sea,and landed on the French coast, in the village that since then is called Saint Tropez.

The real peculiarity of the area is the very precious Colombana Grape of Peccioli that the legend connects to the passage of the holy pilgrim mentioned in the name: it has  golden color, long and very sweet grains and once it was popular for its healing and detoxifying.

Every year, in October, Peccioli celebrates the Saint Colombano Festival : a very authentic feast that takes place in the historical center of the village and usually includes many gastronomical and musical events .

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