New Year’s Eve in Peccioli

End of year party in Peccioli dancing and laughter !

Comic musical evening in the streets of the historic center

The Proloco Peccioli in collaboration with the Municipality is preparing to toast the arrival of 2014 with the usual festival that will take place in the streets of the historic center starting at 22:30 and midnight fireworks will light up with a fireworks display auspicious .

At the center of Piazza del Popolo, where the party will be the protagonists of the evening will be comedian and impersonator Amedeo Ceppini the orchestra show Sonia Borghesi , with a repertoire that spans all genres of music . For fans of ballroom dancing , the festival pecciolese store for an evening of dancing with the duo ” Ornella and Saints ” at the Multipurpose Center preceded by a delicious dinner in the same premises .

To reach the city center in addition to the multi-storey car park in Via Mazzini will set up a free bus shuttle from 22.30 at 4:00 am with departure from the hotel parking Portavaldera .

For more information contact the tourist office at no. 0587 / 672 088 Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 15.00 to 19.00.


Saturday 7th September, the Festival of Carraia District will start!

Many people will come to Peccioli on that day to taste local food and good wine.

We are waiting for you!

New Year in Peccioli

…No idea … where to spend the New Year ..?

Why don’t you come to Peccioli ..?
You can enjoy a pleasant and rich evening party and shows in the streets of the village!

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Peccioli, the Christmas Fairyland in Valdera

” Once upon a time, there was a castle perched on the Pine Tree hilltop.

On top of the castle’s  tower there was a beautiful natural garden, the playground of rare and colorful butterflies invading the castle every spring time. The narrow winding roads scented of freshly baked bread and sweet pastry and the bell tower stroke the hours of peaceful and joyful days.

The castle was inhabited by nice people living in little houses made of bricks and ceramics and terracotta floor.

The children living there were all well-behaved, educated and good at school…but one day something very strange happened!

The sun did not rise, the bell tower stopped, all the little houses were dimly lit with shades of blue, yellow and pink and all the inhabitans found themselves  turned into elfs and fairies…”

Fiabesque:  the most real Fairyland, in Peccioli at Christmas.

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Weekend at the wild boar Festival in Chianni

Don’t miss the yearly

The wild boar Festival in Chianni, closing up this weekend Nov 17th-18th 2012.

Dating back in 1976, when local people organized it for the first time, it is nowadays known as the festival of the entire village of Chianni.

The purpose of the festival is to allow non resident and foreigners to meet up with local farmers’ traditions and cookery bound with the picturesque hunting world of Chianni.
The legend tells that the older team of hunters are called the Indians because they always put the head on the ground to hear the wild board’s coming steps, following Indians’ technique!

The Wild boar festival is stronlgy focused on the local cookery and allows lots of food stands and corners, but it is also an opportunity for enjoyable shows for families such as Dog’s Town Stranomondo performing at 11.30 at the Palestra Comunale, with dogs exhibitions and ludic activities for children.
The volunteers Clowns of the ONLUS association ‘Ridere per Vivere’ will be performing as well.

The Festival will be closed by the parade of the traditional hunters’ teams and live music.

Of course the festival hosts a restaurant where you will fully enjoy the traditional food made by local cooks.
Opening hours Sat 17th e Sund 18th, 12.00-19.00.
Call 0587647282 to book the restaurant or write to [email protected] to ask for information.
Also visit the italian website

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