Panforte – Typical tuscan festivity cake




1 kg of honey
1 kg of little cubes of candid orange peels
1 kg of little cubes of candid citron peels
2 kg of peeled almonds (or toasted hazelnuts or both)
200 gr of white flour
mixed spices: cinnamon, coriander and black pepper
sugar powder



Put the honey in a pan and cook it at a high heat until it starts boiling. Take it out of the heat and add the candid fruits, the almonds, pour the flower and the spices and let it cool down a bit. Take a circular tin of about 20 cm of diameter and cover the bottom and the sides with wafer. Pour the mixture into the tin and press well with your hands to make it compact. Add sugar powder and press it well into the cake. Make sure the cake is about 2 cm thick. Put the tine into the over at 120° C for about 30 minutes. When ready let it cool down and spread some sugar powder on top. Serve cold.